D23177 - Stretch U-Shape Private Offices

These U-shape desk sets are a part of the Stretch line from Gateway Office Furniture.  There are many different options available to configure the set to meet your personal work space needs.  A common configuration includes:

  • 72" x 30" TFL desk
  • 48" x 24" return worksurface
  • 72" x 24" back unit
  • B/B/F pedestal
  • F/F pedestal
  • 14"h x 72" w aluminum screen
  • under worksurface power (3 circuit 5 wire)
  • 2" standard grommets

Please note that you can mix and match different items to create the most effective office for you.  Some other options included in this line include fabric or frosted acrylic screens, powered grommets, modesty panels, and paper flow management.


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Manufacturer:Gateway Office Furniture



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