ND23320 - Designer White Credenza & Overhead Storage Set

This Designer White Credenza set is made with a sleek Designer White Laminate finish. It is comprised of:

  • 24" x 72" Credenza Shell
  • 36" Overhead, Wall-Mounted
  • 34" Lateral File w/o top*
  • 34" Storage Cabinets w/o tops

*White laminate top available


  • Ergonomic Metal Pulls on doors.
  • Removable Key Core for *Matching Lock & Keys.  *Matching Lock & Key set additional charge.
  • Two Breakaway Keys included with every Lock Core.
  • Adjustable Grommet included.



In Stock

Manufacturer:Gateway Office Furniture





Freight, Delivery and Installation is Additional!

Please call us at 212-216-9220 or email us if you would like to purchase this product.

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