W7294 - Steelcase Answer Cubes

These Steelcase Answer workstations are 8' x 6'.  The panels are 65" tall on the spine and wing down to 53' on the aisle.  The panels are powered with 8 wire 3+1.  Each workstation consists of:

  • (2) 24" x 72" worksurfaces
  • 24' x 48" bridge worksurface
  • F/F pedestal
  • B/B/F pedestal
  • (2) 48" bins

Please note that these panels are segmented on the aisle panels only.  The paint on the bins and trim is Steelcase 4794, Vanadium.  The paint on the pedestals is Steelcase 4793, Solar Black.  The fabric code is Steelcase P125 which is accented with a blue tile on the aisle panel only.  These cubicles were originally configured in (3) pods of 6, (5) pods of 4, (3) runs of 3, (2) runs of 4, (2) runs of 2 and 3 singles.

Quantity Available:23




Freight, Delivery and Installation is Additional!

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