NP2855 - New 23 1/2" B/F Mobile Pedestal with Cushion Top

These new B/F option pedestals measure 24" deep x 22" tall with J-Pull style drawer pulls and a cushion top.  They include the following features:

  • Box drawer dividers and HS filing capability included
  • Drawer interiors are black regardless of exterior color
  • Heavy duty suspension
  • Peds fit under surfaces at full height
  • Drawer fronts outside the case
  • Recessed bottom, casters do not increase height
  • Lock in frame
  • Mobil kit 

Please keep in mind that although these come standard in Designer White and Designer Grey they can be powder coated to match your furniture.

In Stock

Style:Mobile Pedestal

Freight, Delivery and Installation is Additional!

Please call us at 212-216-9220 or email us if you would like to purchase this product.

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