T23277 - Steelcase Media:scape Conference Table

Steelcase media:scape integrates technology and furniture to create a collaborative work environment that brings people, space and information together to enable higher productivity in the workplace.  The table measures 120" long and includes a 47" television on each end, making the total length of the set 137" long.  The width of the table is 56" on the ends and 72" in the middle.  With virtual pucks on the surface of the table users are able to share connect wirelessly from a laptop to the screens.  This enables all meeting participates to share from anywhere in the room with a simple click of an icon or touch of the physical puck.  The pucks and power are stored in (2) grommets on the surface of the table.  During the manufacturing of this table sustainability has also been considered, the line contains 45% recycled content and is up to 77% recyclable.

Quantity Available:2


Type:Conference Table

Size:10-12 ft

Freight, Delivery and Installation is Additional!

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